GISMO, for isotopie geochemistry and geomaterial characterization
Batiment Gabriel-uB

Established since 2014, the Geochemistry and ISotopic MethOds (GISMO) Facility proposes analytical and technical laboratory services, at the Biogeosciences Laboratory of the University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté (UMR CNRS/uB 6282).


Our missions

Unique and excellent, the GISMO Facility supports scientific research by providing isotope geochemistry tools and methods, currently used in Geosciences and Environment Sciences.

GISMO seeks to maximize its analytical potential by the technological transfer and Research & Development for both public and private external partners. This goal can be accomplished through our strong partnership with Welience Agro-Environnement (1).

Our human resources

With a highly qualified team of 12 researchers, 2 engineers and 1 technician, the GISMO Facility offers many options, including service provisions and made-to-measure R&D projects with quality monitoring.

Our analytical and technical resources

GISMO uses cutting-edge analytical equipment in 6 interconnected rooms with a total area of 300m². There are two sample preparation rooms, and each of other rooms is dedicated to a specific analytical sector: elemental and isotopic geochemistry and X-ray diffraction of natural materials.

  • Preparation laboratory (rooms 315 and 317):
    • for inorganic samples
    • for organic samples
  • Analytical sectors:
    • Elemental and isotopic geochemistry (rooms 309, 310 and 313)
    • X-ray diffraction of natural materials (room 311)

The GISMO Facility is coordinated by a scientific manager (Mr Jean Lévêque), supported by a steering committee. This committee is composed of 8 people: scientist researchers, engineers and technicians, along with an expert of Welience Agro-Environnement.

(1) Welience is a SATT Grand Est brand. The GISMO Facility entrusts the administrative and financial management of its R&D contracts and service provisions to Welience.

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