GISMO: attentive to your needs, working together for projects success

Does your project require mineral, elemental and/or isotopic analysis?

Do you seek to build a collaborative R&D project in Geosciences and/or Environmental Sciences?

Do you want to extend or modify your current project with GISMO?

Whatever your requirements and needs, GISMO will work with you to develop the best solutions for your projects, in industry and academia.

During each phase of our contract, we can schedule business meeting or visits:

  • directly in the workplace (your office or here at GISMO)
    Come and visit our laboratory and meet the team.
  • or video conference (check the Time Zone Converter)
    Virtual meetings allow you to visit our laboratory from a distance, at a mutually convenient time.
  • mail or phone, for an immediate response

Here is a typical project schedule:

Contact us

Video conference
GISMO visit

Flèche-orange Your needs

Problem analysis

Flèche-orange projet Our answers

Service provision
R&D projects

Flèche-orange The projects

Keeping to deadlines
Keeping you informed
Providing a speedy response

Flèche-orange Results

Timely delivery
Raw data

GISMO will update you step by step, allowing you to modify your project if necessary, for a business relationship based on mutual trust, to guarantee optimal results.

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