GISMO: stable isotope, elemental and mineral analysis


The GISMO laboratory (University of Burgundy and Franche-Comté) provides analytical services to the research community, as well as public institutes and private agencies.

GISMO delivers results applicable to many domains of Environmental Sciences, including Geosciences, Agriculture, Viti- and Viniculture, and Life Sciences.

GISMO offers analytical services in research and development studies:

Our services

GISMO Facility offers services and adjustable projects to target more effectively your scientist’s requirements in the following domains:

Macaron environnement


– Impact of compounds on soils dynamic
– Understanding of physicochemical and biological processes

Macaron Vigne-et-vin

Viti- and viniculture

Monitoring of water stress:
– on vines
– on vineyard vintages

Macaron Geomateriaux


Characterization and semi-quantification:
– of mineral fraction
– of clay fraction

Macaron reservoirs


Studies of carbonate reservoirs
(oil reservoir and aquifer):
– Formation, diagenesis and properties
– CO2 storage

Macaron paleoenvironnements


Reconstruction of:
– palaeo-climates,
– ocean palaeo-circulations

Our solutions

Are you interested by a specific stable isotope,
elemental or mineral analysis?

Stable isotope analysis:

  • δ13C and δ15N in organic and mineral matrix (liquid/solid)EA-IRMS
    Soils, plant materials, extracts, …
  • δ18O and δ34S in organic and mineral matrix (solid)PYRO-IRMS
    Hairs, blood, carbonates, phosphates, sulphates, …
  • δ13C and δ18O in carbonates (solid)KIEL-IRMS
  • Isotopic composition of atmospheric gasesTG-IRMS
    CO2, N2, N2O, O2 and CH4
  • δ13C and δ15N of specific molecular compounds (liquid)GC-C-IRMS
    PLFA, phenols, sugars, ethanol, glycerol, …

Elemental analysis:

  • C and N contents in organic and mineral matrix (liquid/solid)EA-IRMS
    Soils, plant materials, extracts, …
  • O and S contents in solid organic samplesPYRO-IRMS
    Hairs, blood, phosphates, sulphates, …
  • Atmospheric gases concentrationsGC
    CO2, N2, N2O, O2 and CH4
  • Specifics molecular compounds identificationGC-C-IRMS
    PLFA, phenols, sugars, …
  • Cations and anions concentrationsDIONEX
    Water, liquid samples,…

Mineral analysis:

  • Identification and semi-quantification of clays and mineralsDRX
    Soils, sediments, rocks

Is your compagny or research unit interested in developing a partnership for R&D projects?

GISMO maintains a solid partnership with Sayens agro-environnement (SAE).
The main mission of this structure is to transfer the research expertise toward the business world.

Through our partnership, we can provide additional expertise on:

  • Plant health
    Plant selection, evaluation of defense systems, growth monitoring
GISMO and SAE complementary expertise enables them to offer R&D projects in Environment Sciences more complete and comprehensive.

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