A strong partnership with Sayens Agro-environnement…

… providing new expertise in Agri-environment

With its own engineering and technical team, Sayens Agro-environnement proposes laboratory analysis and expertise in:

(1) soil biological quality: microbiological indicators (abundance, diversity, and microbial activity); symbiotic microorganisms (mycorrhizae).

(2) plant health: plant selection, evaluation of defence systems, and growth monitoring.

(3) molecular markers: population monitoring and specific functions (development and applications).

The partnership between GISMO and Sayens Agro-environnement enables us to propose more complete and comprehensive project development, with a broader range of expertise for your Agri-science studies on “soil-water-plant-atmosphere” systems.

… guaranteeing high-quality services

Our partnership with Sayens Agro-environnement means that:

– our services are guaranteed by the CRT label (Center of Technological Resources)

    • professionalism (results, costs, deadlines, and confidentiality)

  • made-to-measure services for innovative projects

– our contracts meet the requirements of SATT GRAND EST quality management system, certified ISO 9001 v.2008

    • providing products in conformity with client and regulation requirements

  • increasing client satisfaction by the implementation of a continuous enhancement process

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