Are you interested in developping a R&D project in environment sciences?
systeme sol-plante

You are
a design office
an environmental industry
a public or private researcher

macaron environnement
Qualite des eaux

You hope
 to test a product on your soil and organic matters qualities
to estimate the quality of superficial water and/or groundwater

GISMO lead you along your project on soil and/or water quality. For this, we offer you isotopic technics and elemental and geochemical measurements, in order to:

    • lessen the greenhouse effect gases production (CO2, N2O, CH4),

by improving the comprehension of microbial processes

  • estimate the effect of add-ons on your soils dynamic,

by following several parameters measured on the different kinds of organic matters

  • estimate the quality of superficial and ground waters,

by performing chemical analyses on your water

  • determinate the mineralogical quality of your soil,

by identifying and quantifying the clay (< 2 μm) and mineral phases

Systeme eau-sol-plante Vegetaux

Plant analyses
C and N content, δ13C and δ15N isotopic composition (EA-IRMS)


Water analyses
C and O content, δ18O isotopic composition (EA-IRMS)
Major elements  analyses (ion chromatography)
Composition in total organic carbon (TOC)

Gaz a effet de serre

Gas analyses
Measures in gas concentrations (GC)
Isotopic composition of gases (TG-IRMS)


Soil analyses
C and N content, δ13C and δ15N isotopic composition (EA-IRMS)
Identification of organic compounds (GC-C-IRMS)
Identification of clay and mineral phases (DRX)

Your GISMO contacts
Anne-Lise Santoni (soil, plant and gas analyses)
Ludovic Bruneau (XRD analyses)
Philippe Amiotte-Suchet (water analyses)
Olivier Mathieu

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Olivier Mathieu